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EyeLovePoozy's News

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - August 11th, 2008

Swain and I met up last Friday for some drinks with a couple of his douche bag friends and he was supposed to climb my crane with me on Saturday morning. But he used the lame excuse of not being able to wake up so early (6:00AM) to get out of it.

Damn shame man, I thought he was made of tougher stuff.....

Also, one of his buddies burned me with his cigarette on my right forearm.

EDIT- Pic added

Swain is a pussy.

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - May 4th, 2008

In this blog and perhaps the next I'm going to post some short journal entries that an English professor made me keep during my first year of college. After a couple of weeks of making the journal entires I grew bored of it and asked the professor is I could enter "imaginary" scenarios as my entries. She agreed and the following are some of the most popular ones. You'll notice that on some entries their is a quote after my signature. That is the professors comment of the entry. Usually written in red ink. I should point out that this professor was a old woman that looked alarmingly like Mrs. Doubtfire

You know what? Today I grew sick and tired of those god damn airplanes that fly so low over my house. They zoom over every ten minutes and they're so low I can see the pilot laughing at me and flipping me the bird. It's terrible. They're so loud you can't even hold a conversation outside. Anyways, today I shot two of them out of the sky with my rocket launcher. Low and behold....
No more planes have flown over.

Who's laughing now Mr. Pilot?

"Oh dear god! Those poor people"


Today my neighbors threw me a ticker tape parade. They were celebrating the end of their torment caused by those infernal planes flying over their head. It was really cool, I felt like a hero.

"I would have called the police!"


While driving around today. Just for shits and giggles I decided to jump the curb and mow down unassuming, presumably innocent pedestrians. I decimated every single one I could reach with my front bumper while plowing through the crowds and displays. It was really fun. The only part that sucked was getting all the blood and gristle off my car. :(

"Only a maniac would do such a thing!"


Earlier this evening on the way to school, an officer stopped me. I though that this wold be a perfect opportunity to vent some pent up rage. So as the officer approached my window I waited and as he leaned over to speak to me. I smashed him in the fucking balls and snatched his gun. As one of Miami's finest crashed to his knees in his pinnacle experience of man pain, I threw my door open. Cracking his skull beautifully. Now the officer lays weeping on the unforgiving damp concrete, pleading for his life and quivering in my shadow. I then snatched him up by his throat and torre him to his feet. Then I located his trachea and clutched it in a kung-fu grip and kicked him right across his tits. Ripping out a large section of his windpipe along with his adams apple. I then got into my car. Wiped my bloody hands and put his torn parts into the cooler next to me on the passenger seat. Then took the vehicle out of park and ran over his still twitching body and continued n my way to school.


"You should take up football. Such hostile thoughts!"


That's all for now. I'll post several more on the next blog. But for those of you blissfully unaware of this mind blowing insanity. Pop that cherry and watch Ronald get his crack on in this vid.

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1925 dep.fbi

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - March 7th, 2008

is that a cock in the top right hand corner?


wtf lotus?

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - March 3rd, 2008

Crappy gimp job bought me a bbs vacation courtesy of Zendra.
Well at least everyones favorite audio mod and electro-acoustic enthusiast RIG saw it before it was deleted.


Posted by EyeLovePoozy - January 3rd, 2008

Not even a week into this new year and I have already failed.
I started smoking again.
It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to quit this habit on my own.
I'm gonna have to go back to do the lazer therapy treatment again.
Now all I need to do is find time and $200.

On a lighter note I've been wearing my seatbelt everytime and I called my mother yesterday.
Also I'm trying to do at least 2 barrel rolls a day.

Joke of the week?
A drunken man at a party goes up to the host and asks:
Do you have green toilet paper that says FUCK YOU?
The host confused replies "No I don't".
The drunk then says "Oh shit, in that case I think I wiped my ass with your parrot."
/insert rimshot here.

*much histerical laughter, maniacal clapping and urine soaking of pants ensues*

Here's a cool picture I took from the apex of my crane. That's the Miami river you see to the right. Lots of bikini clad women go floating by while sunning on the decks of yachts. That's when I whip out my handy-dandy binoculars. I also have a police issue PA system installed on my crane so when I see some drunken chicks going by on those expensive boats. I key up my micrphone and yell "show your tits!". Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.

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I am weak and apparently am going to die with nicotine stained fingers and lung cancer.

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - December 27th, 2007

I always make 'em and end up breaking 'em.

This year I'll try harder.

-No more cigarettes. (that's the biggie)
-Call my mother more often.
-Use my seatbelt everytime.

-Do many barrel rolls. (but don't post about them on bbs. instaban and all)

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - December 8th, 2007

hate little shits that start shitty threads or make shitty posts.
I wish I could hate you ALL to death.


i hate little shits

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - October 22nd, 2007

love the new site layout. super sweet and better than ever. good job tom & company.
Everything by everyone..... 2 TIMES!


New layout