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good job

But what happens when you lose your remote control finder?

A paradox is what happens my friend, a paradox.

Fabul0us1 responds:

lol yuppers

Epic man.

I just love it when artists like yourself take stuff like stick for example and bring it to a new level.

Just one stupid litte thing I noticed.....The human loaded the shotgun shells backward.

Class time?

I enjoyed this . It was a nice change of pace.

Did you mean for your character to go to school at night and leave in the morning?
I was just wondering. Because when he arrives at school the moon's out and when he leaves the sun's out.

Also I got a kick out of the wall damage where his backpack hits the wall every time he gets jome from school.

Good job man.

RiceMonkey responds:

it was more like leave in the morning, when the moons out, and come back in the afternoon D: But I see what you mean. thanks for the review

That's my favorite song.

Vroom I say VROOM, VROOM!
No but seriously here's my review:
First I'd like to say that this flash rocks.
Unbelievably well done my friend.
Captures you attention immediately.
kinetically well thought out I feel.

Yes I'd like for you to make another one.
Overpowered with emotion I became towards the end.
Unusually fresh and not at all spam.


I can't wait to see the rest. Is the ninja American? If he is I think you should use maybe and American flag handkerchief as the token he leaves behind instead of a feather. Besides that, I hope I'm in the portal when the full version comes through.

where's krinkels kredits?

Another installment in the ever expanding list of madness tributes.
It's not bad man. Maybe 2 short.
But I don't understand how you can give yourself so much credit.
Krinkels deserves most of the credit dude.

helang7 responds:

oh sorry, i forgot to credit krinkles :)
so.. here,
madness by : krinkles

sugary means sweet....

I think you meant surgery. Anyway, good job. All my fivens R belong 2 U.

what r u talking about?

there's been lots of great submissions based on lemon demon's music!
Here's one with the same music you chose-http://www.newgrounds.com/porta l/view/285267
Here's another great one-
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /407963

try again but be creative this time.

TehDiseased responds:

The new one wasn't bad, but the rest are just terrible.

god that was so funny....

i was sure optimus was gonna bitch slap him.
Can u turn into a truck? lol!!

I was waiting for demise of said turtle

What happened to the turtle?!?

I'm a motherfucker.

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