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Exploiting the innocent.

Posted by EyeLovePoozy - December 15th, 2010

I have been toying with the idea of allowing you shitheads to decide the fate of innocent creatures that find themselves in my path.

I used to do this occasionally on paltalk.

The most vocal and insistent participant was always Gagsy.
Poor lil Brit loves all of God's creatures apparently...

Basically in a nut shell what happens is:

1. Some fucking thing with a pulse looks at me sideways.
2. I trap said thing.
3. I let you guys vote on its destiny.

The atrocities I usually plan for them are horrific.

They tend to be things such as:

1. Can snakes scream?
2. Can Bees cry?
3. Can stray kittens wish they were never born?

etc etc

You catch my drift, I imagine.

Basically what I'm asking is if I should do this on a regular basis here on my userpage.


I understand that you have an addiction to vodka.

Pass the russian beverage?

Weren't you about to kill yourself the other day, then deleted your shitty newspost?

Also, I don't appreciate Vodka for the most part but when I do indulge I choose Ketel One.


Thats fucking horrible!

Stomp a spider to death for me...

You are the second user to respond to this news post without answering whether or not I should start this "series".

Start this series.

The way it would work is on a yes/no vote scenario.

How would you vote if for instance I had a snake trapped in a jar named "Snakey Mc Gorbachev" and I was going to find out whether or not snakes can scream by slicing it down its belly and pouring industrial grade, ground salt into said groove while it was very much still alive?

I would vote yes, because in a way it is scientific. But you would need some sort of safety gear or protection. Am I right?

Safety gear for bugs/creatures found around my properties?

Probably not man...

Just don't turn this into some cereal killer bullshit.

Serial killer bullshit?

It's a ballot that allows the people to decide the fate of innocent creatures.

Ask The old school Paltalk people whether or not I freed the critters that were voted free.

I just mean don't fucking go completely insane or addicted to doing it then decide to test it on people.

Although really tempting in many instances ie: pedo's, stock brokers, wall street fat cats, lagamuffin etc, I wouldn't be capable of doing anything like that to a person.

This is horrible.

No it isn't.

It's a chance for a critter to experience life on the immediate razor edged precipice of the bottomless gaping maw of the pit.

Also, it provides a place where pansies' opinions count for more than diddly squat.


mainly go after wasps and hornets. maybe seth rogen dressed up as the green hornet.


Wasps and hornets would be open game if operation "Will it Blend" goes forward but it's wont be limited to just bugs.

blend a bunch of them with adrenaline.

see if a person allergic to bees will withstand.

You mean make a bug and adrenaline shake and have someone drink it?

...Is that legal?

Probably. lol

No don't start this "series" please.

Duly noted.

Friday is a faggot

Probably. He definitely is an angsty, attention whoring emo douche though.

woah man looks like you're still a badass

If you were to start this series you should probably have a limit.
Torturing a household pet is a lot different than some snake or bee.
Just my 2 cents.

We have a long haired hamster named Shaky that gets bathed once a week, brushed every day and has $100's of dollars of top of the line toys and treats.

He's my little buddy.

Even if he weren't I've invested too much money in his fuzzy little ass to hurt or off him.

You're a sick, sick fuck poozy.

P.S. good luck setting up your xmas tree in your crane tower.

Setting the tree up in on the counter deck of the crane is easy as hell man. When the other crane is higher than mine I have it fly up everything I need WAY before Christmas.

After that it takes about 20 minutes of effort to set it up and another 10 to make sure the wind doesn't take it.

lol jesus

I'll take that as a yes.

Can an ant under a microscope burning a sun ray into it comprehend that it has never had a sense of individuality?

hmmm good one...

*writes that shit down*

I'm 16, so I don't know much about life.


I'll take that as a yes.

Eh, I love kitties. Hate spiders and wasps and the likes...do what you will to the arachnids, spare the adorable mammals for fags like me.

Whatever I catch in my backyard dude.

...and insects...bugs are fair-game because there's too many of 'em.

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