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you are an middle aged american crane operator that moderates an internet forum

No, Remi Gaillard makes France less gay. Don't get me wrong, this guy is pretty good but everyone knows that the world's best beat boxer lives somewhere in Hampton.

I'm not allergic to being wrong. Give me a link.

thanks to Kraftwerk beatboxing cum came out of my back.

My sister's 12 you sick fuck.

A mature 12?

Beatboxing Jew ain't no bitch.
At first I was almost positive that this was gonna be gay as hell, but he actually stepped it up and did a good job haha (specially when he started freestylin and shit).

This guys' pretty good as well (but he's also pretty damn nerdy):
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE-JN7_rxtE&amp;feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE-JN7 _rxtE&amp;feature=related</a>

That Jew made my jaw drop when I first stumbled upon his stuff. You should watch his other works (and interviews if you want to get a feel for the dude).

Regarding that YT vid you linked:

I've seen that guys stuff. He's also crazy talented.

Check this vid:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB 3N6tLgXW8&feature=relmfu

Watch his face as he drops crazy bass while doing other noises. If you look close he's not entirely sure of the words. That just reinforces my opinion of the type of people that excel at beat boxing at this level. I'm positive that their mind never gives them any rest. They constantly hear the beats in their heads and can't help figuring out how to replicate them with their face holes.

My sister would probably let you do that.

I would enjoy meeting your sister.

My sister is three, and that french guy is a pretty cool guy.

I take that back, you fucking suck Poozy.

Bandwagon more dude. It's original and hysterical, at the same time even.

makes me hate the french just a little bit less :3

you might dig this one:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A94EEk2rZpU&amp;feature=channel_video_title">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A94EEk 2rZpU&amp;feature=channel_video_title </a>

Wow, that dude knows his shit. Thanks.

They finally put Portal 2 in breasts?

Fuck yeah, titty portals.

Let me see those rats get eaten by those fishes again, i need to get off.
you sick fuck.

http://eyelovepoozy.newgrounds.co m/news/post/450106

It must suck being a closet homosexual that cares more about his masculinity than his own mother. (Who probably also happens to be the only lady he's ever slept with, despite his self-created reputation)

And also, that's not my sister. I crucified her, sliced off her tits, and ate them before the first Portal game was even announced.

Is the guy in your BBS sig you?


oh hoh hoh you are insinuating that you have done a sexual thing with people's family oh hoh hohhohohoh you are a clever clever man hoooooooooooooooooo

Is it two player?

Depends, honestly. We have to share a controller though.

That's not my sister, that's your hooker.


4:57 - 5:01

In reply to my last comment.

If you're ever in California around the bay area, I'll give you her number.

What a coincidence, I happen to be in California's bay area right now.

eyelovepoozy eyeloveyou


Lol I was mad, I recongratulate you on feeling up my sister.

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